One of my favorite Barbara Corcoran moments on Shark Tank was when she finagled a creative deal with the two guys who came to her pitching a thick rubber band product to hold cash. At first, Barbara said it was the worst idea she had ever heard pitched on Shark Tank. A couple of minutes later (who knows how long it actually was, the episodes are really edited down) she is jumping back into the deal and taking control by offering the celebrity front man of the product a percentage of the company, which was not part of the original deal, if they would accept her offer. It was hilarious, the company’s owner was so confused.

Before he accepted, he said that in addition to money, he really needed help with sales and marketing, and asked Barbara if she could help him in that arena. She responded with something to the effect of, “If there is only one thing I can do well, it is sales and marketing.” Watching back the episode, this guy should have been able to see her expertise clearly. She cleverly repackaged the deal and sold it! You can read more about it here: